Asphalt Driveway

Whether your asphalt driveway needs paving or sealcoating, it is important you find a local asphalt contractor you can trust. Our team here at M & M Paving have worked for years to become your trusted local asphalt driveway contractor. We use the latest equipment, while providing the highest quality workmanship around.

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When it comes to quality driveway asphalt paving, what matters most is driveway performance. A driveway that is well-maintained and stands up well to the elements is what every homeowner needs. From excellent workmanship and high quality materials in combination with expert site preparation and good practices, M & M Paving delivers the best quality driveways around.

If asphalt driveway design is executed improperly, the driveway will be faulty. Some critical considerations for a quality asphalt driveway include:

  • Quality Workmanship and Materials
  • Adequate foundation
  • Timely maintenance
  • Quality materials

Quality Workmanship and Materials

Good construction practices are vital for a driveway that will last. Compaction is a crucial element, in addition to the joints and edges in the pavement. The edges need to be tamped and the seams need to be tight.

Some driveways require a tack coat as a binding agent to keep the surface course from slipping, which can happen if it tacked improperly.

It is also important that paving crews avoid segregating the mix because it can lead to pavement failures and potholes, so our team is diligent to ensure this does not happen.

Some materials are not suited for specific projects. Driveway surface mixes should have a finer gradation than that of highway mix which helps them to perform adequately.

Adequate Foundation

Preparing a foundation properly includes having a strong aggregate base and a solid subgrade. One common problem with many asphalt paving projects is that the subgrade isn’t properly stabilized. Construction traffic can ruin parking lots and driveways that have bad preparation.

Timely Maintenance

Although the quality of a paving job is what is most important, but regular maintenance is a close second. Taking care of drainage problems and performing crack sealing helps to extend the lifespan of your driveway. By putting off regular driveway maintenance, you could be costing yourself more than just a repair. 

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