Your parking lot is an important part of your business. Our commercial paving team understands this and has spent many years providing the highest quality parking lot paving throughout Central P.A. The appearance of your parking lot and its function can impact how our community feels about your business. Contact our highly reviewed, trusted and experienced pavement experts to discuss your commercial paving project today!

Parking Lot’s Done Right

If you want your parking lot paving job done right, it is important that you work with a contractor who employs the following aspects of a quality paving job:

A Solid Gravel Base

The sub base is the most important aspect of your asphalt parking lot. If your lot does not have a proper gravel base, the lot will eventually buckle from the weight of regular traffic. Our crews have the necessary experience and can install a solid gravel base with precision to ensure your parking lot stands up to its demands.

Smooth Integration of Existing Pavement

If you plan to expand the existing pavement in your parking lot or to integrate it into a refurbished lot, the smooth integration process is vital. A smooth transition to form new pavement from old pavement is essential for a high quality paving project, which is exactly what we do.

Adequate Drainage

The water that falls on your parking lot needs a place to go. Without a well-designed drainage system, standing water buildup can lead to long term damage to your lot, leading to costly repairs or even a total parking lot replacement. Our crew takes every step necessary to ensure that your commercial parking lot has proper drainage.

Attention to Detail

Our skilled crew members use plate compactors and hand rollers to ensure sharp edging and an even surface while the newly poured asphalt is hot and fresh. This ensures that your final product is built to last and looks great, making an excellent first impression on the people who matter most – your clients. 

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