Our sealcoat material has superior protection and beauty.

The M&M Sealing Advantages:

  • Stops Weather Damage to Asphalt
  • Prevents Oxidation
  • Resists Gas, Oil, and Salt
  • Beautifies Pavement
  • Adds Value to Real Estate
  • Lasts much longer than other seal coats

Sealcoating installed by M + M more than doubles the life of asphalt pavement. It keeps pavement looking new much longer. Asphalt pavement represents a substantial investment. PROTECT IT WITH M+M! Don’t settle for less!!

Our sealcoat meets and exceeds government specifications. Don’t be fooled by the old procedure of a one-coat sealing job. M+M applies a double coat of sealer which is 70% concentrated rubberized coat tar emulsion sealer and includes an additive for a longer wearing surface. Sand is added to our sealer which gives you better protection and eliminates slippery conditions in wet weather.